Financial Services
Cybersecurity Solution

Rapid7 technology and expertise help you manage threats in the financial sector

Stay one step ahead of attackers

In the financial industry, we know every second counts. Rapid7 helps you keep pace with emerging cyber risks. We've got your back on:

Risk and reputation

Manage threats and contain breaches to keep your networks and brand intact.

Digital transformation

Modernizewith an eye on privacy, compliance, and security exposures.

Remote work

Better visibility lets you spot endpoint risks in a distributed workforce.

Compliance management

Easily keep up with security regulations like SOC2, PCI, and NIST.

Stand strong against attackers with an experienced partner

Engage Rapid7 for a complete range of services and easy-to-use cloud security tools, including vulnerability management, detection and response, and application security solutions that let you:

  • Collaborate through a unified interface
  • Prioritize critical tasks from mountains of data
  • Super charge your efficiency by automating security tasks
  • Effectively report on your security posture for executive support
  • Predict costs through a simple pricing structure

Why Rapid7?

We simplify the complex

Everyone in your organization can play their part in advancing security through intuitive products, easy automation, managed services, onboarding, and more.

We work with what you’ve got

Our portfolio of tools complements your financial services platform to provide a complete security solution or supports capability and data gaps.

We work better together

Along with a powerful portfolio of visibility, analytics, and automation security solutions, you get a team of advocates, actionable insights, best practices, strategies, documentation, and much more to support your success.

Our expertise is your expertise

Decades of experience–more than 10,000 hours to be exact– in the financial sector, combined with major research projects like Metasploit, help us think like hackers.

Beat hackers at their game with partners who know their game.

Cybercriminals are endlessly creative. Match them hack for hack with Rapid7.

Why Rapid7? It's been about being able to close that loop, look at our whole environment, take care of the open issues, and discover what we don't know. —Kurt Hazel, Security Finance