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Protect healthcare data and comply with regulations

Healthcare breaches are on the rise. Services providers face the challenge of securing a large amount of sensitive information about their patients – from financial and personal information to confidential medical records.

The loss of protected health information (PHI) not only incurs heavy fines and legal liability for healthcare providers, but also long–term personal hardship for the affected patient. In fact, the Dutch standards NEN 7510-1:2017 and NEN 7510-2:2017 were created specifically to address security in the healthcare sector.

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Rapid7's Research in the Healthcare Sector

How to Drive Cybersecurity Transformation in Healthcare
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Know your network and identify weak points

Use InsightVM to conduct a thorough assessment of risks across vulnerabilities, configurations, and controls, and prioritize risks for remediation based on threat exposure and business impact. Automatically audit your systems for compliance with secure configurations, password policies, and access control requirements.

Test effectiveness of your security controls

Simulate real-world attacks against your defenses and evaluate the effectiveness of security measures at protecting ePHI with Metasploit. Using Metasploit in conjunction with InsightVM enables you to validate the exploitability of vulnerabilities in Metasploit and automatically prioritize for remediation in InsightVM.

Monitor user behavior and manage security incidents

InsightIDR provides the ability to tag systems containing ePHI as “restricted,” then monitors all activity on these systems for unauthorized access. Leverage user behaviour analytics to detect security incidents and accelerate investigations with instant user context, endpoint interrogation, and advanced search capabilities.

Assess applications for vulnerabilities

Use InsightAppSec to dynamically scan your web, mobile, and cloud applications for vulnerabilities (including those that allow unauthorized persons to bypass authentication controls), and generate interactive reports for remediation. Leverage built-in reports to quickly identify gaps and demonstrate compliance.

Build an effective security program aligned to compliance guidelines

Rapid7's Cybersecurity Services team can perform a full assessment of your security program against your security standards to help you improve your ability to protect ePHI. Rapid7 can also help you with monitoring your network for threats, penetration testing, security awareness training, and responding to security breaches.

Leverage the Insight cloud for an end-to-end(point) approach to security.

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