Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) Enrichment

Prioritize Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) Mitigation

Indicators of compromise (IOCs) can alert you to imminent attacks, network breaches, and malware infections. The challenge for security teams is prioritizing which IOCs need to be addressed first. Threat Command enriches IOCs with context, helping your team operationalize IOC management, and focus on the most critical vulnerabilities.

Contextualize Your IOC Feeds

Correlate your IOC feeds with your digital assets and known malicious indicators for deeper, richer IOC intelligence. This context allows your team to streamline SecOps and data collection. View all your sources in a single dashboard.

Risk Rank Malicious Indicators

Centralize and streamline multiple data feeds and intelligence sources. Reduce duplicate alerts and prioritize top IOCs that need to be blocked, fixed, or shared. More data should not mean more work. Deal with the data that matters.

Automate Perimeter IOC Monitoring and Blocking

Firewalls, endpoint detection and response solutions, and mail gateways all play a role in securing your perimeter. Threat Command integrates with your security stack and automates the IOC monitoring and blocking process to keep perimeter security up to date.