Managed Security Solutions

Your 24/7/365 Elite Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)

Gain unlimited risk coverage without an unlimited budget

Limited staff. Limited budget. Soaring security and compliance demands. The “Do More with Less” imperative spares no security team, from small business to enterprise organization. But with Rapid7’s managed security services, finding the time, talent, and technology to elevate your security program isn’t your problem—it’s ours. Whether you need a hand with a distinct facet of your vulnerability management program or need to enlist an expertly-staffed Security Operations Center (SOC), all you have to do is show us where it hurts. We’ll take care of the rest.

How? Our Managed Security Services team is more than a traditional Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). We unify our advanced technology, security specialists, and cutting-edge solutions to find the vulnerabilities and hunt the attackers putting your business at risk. And, after we track them down, we provide a detailed and prioritized view of what to fix first and how to remediate it fast, as well as anytime access to our technology.

Consolidate Security Vendors with MDR

The Case for Security Consolidation: A Guide to Reducing Costs and Increasing ROI Through Vendor Consolidation


Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services

In order to outpace a skilled attacker, you need an army of cyber guardians on your side. Rapid7 Managed Detection and Response is much more than an MSSP. Equipped with our leading SIEM and XDR platform, our team of security experts monitors and hunts attackers in your environment with unparalleled results. And if attackers are found, a report is delivered and our team will work closely with you to remediate.

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Managed Vulnerability Management (MVM) Services

Rapid7 experts will help you manage your vulnerabilities using our leading vulnerability management tool. InsightVM collects data throughout your whole organization using adaptive security, ensuring your data is always fresh. Each vulnerability is prioritized based on our advanced granular risk scores and remediated with a workflow that makes it easy for IT to help you.

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Managed Application Security Testing Services

With increased requirements for testing web applications, it’s crucial to ensure yours are configured, scheduled, and scanned on a consistent basis. It’s also important to test for business logic and other attacks not covered by automated scanners (which requires the devious intellect of experts who can think like an attacker). With Rapid7’s award-winning application security solution, you can offload the entire process to our team of experts, minimizing your workload, reducing your time to productivity, guaranteeing a consistent app assessment process, and giving you back your precious time.

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