Mobile Security

Reduce your exposure to mobile threats

Mobile security is an increasingly urgent focus for organizations as threats like mobile malware and vulnerable mobile apps grow. Lack of visibility into mobile devices and associated threats is putting sensitive data at risk of being leaked off the device or being accessed by attackers leveraging a compromised device.

A recent Rapid7 Research Report found that each mobile user has an average of 1.5 devices, including tablets, phones, and watches. As the number and type of devices per user grows, so does the users’ attack surface and the risk posed to the organization. Monitoring the devices connecting to your network and mitigating the associated risk is now essential to an effective security program.

Start identifying vulns in your mobile devices

InsightVM provides unparalleled visibility across your modern ecosystem.

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Find and fix exposures across mobile devices

Automatically discover and assess mobile devices for vulnerabilities as they connect to your network with InsightVM. Get visibility of information such as name, model, manufacturer, and operating system, along with the device’s connection history. Prioritize mobile vulnerabilities for remediation with RealRisk™ and RealContext™.

Test your mobile applications for vulnerabilities

Use AppSpider to dynamically assess your custom mobile applications for vulnerabilities across all modern technologies, including APIs and microservices that power mobile back ends. Streamline remediation efforts with interactive actionable reports that enable you to drill down for deeper analysis and replay attacks in real-time. 

Detect compromised mobile devices in your network

InsightIDR monitors all mobile devices on your network and leverages user behavior analytics to detect anomalous activity, such as devices connecting from unusual locations. Correlate user activity across mobile devices, critical assets, endpoints, and cloud applications to gain comprehensive visibility across the network. Learn more >

Build an effective mobile security program

Rapid7’s Global Services team can help you assess the effectiveness of your mobile security program and recommend tactical and strategic initiatives for measurable improvement. We can also simulate real-world attacks on your mobile applications to uncover actual risks from the perspective of a motivated attacker. Learn more >


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