Securing IoT Environments

Don't put other organizations at risk with unsecured IoT

Every internet-connected device you create claims stake in your reputation.

Consumers love the convenience introduced by internet-connected cars, appliances, cameras, light bulbs, and thermostats, but they don’t love learning that a malicious hacker could gain access to them—or worse—use them in massive attacks on others. Everyone from national governments to educated shoppers is starting to compare the security level of these devices prior to making a purchase. Being the next brand name in the news for frightening security flaws is what not what your business can afford.

Differentiate from other device manufacturers with a sound IoT security strategy

There is something you can do: No company can be expected to produce software or hardware that is 100% free of security flaws, but by building security into your development and quality assurance processes, you can greatly reduce risk. In addition, building a sound vulnerability disclosure process can greatly improve public perception when vulnerabilities inevitably surface.

Rapid7 has services designed to help you develop, test, and interrogate the security strategy surrounding your IoT device manufacturing.