The Case for Security Vendor Consolidation

A guide to reducing costs and
increasing ROI

  • Master how to think through the tradeoffs, and win
  • Discover where most security teams are redirecting savings
  • Learn how consolidation changes solution vetting

Get a crash course in “less is more”

Cybersecurity spending is way up and breaches are officially inevitable, doing damage in the trillions. Throwing more at it — more tools, more staff, more money, more nights, more weekends — won’t suddenly work. So let’s think about less. Gartner reports 75% of organizations are pursuing consolidation.1 Today, you need serious expertise and a real partner. For help navigating tradeoffs, benefits, and concerns, start with your copy of “The Case for Security Vendor Consolidation.”

It’s hard to beat the benefits of consolidation


Solution sprawl is very expensive. And not just because too many vendors is, in itself, a security risk. Or because the average cost of a data breach is racing up to $5 million. Imagine you saved big. Where would you redirect the funds?


Consolidation maximizes your resources and makes you more productive. You can extend your team with trusted partners. They have the chance to understand your business and deliver on a deeper, collaborative relationship.


Consolidation can save you the inevitable wasted time, juggling, and inefficiency of multiple tools and a variety of vendors. During a security event, why would you toggle back and forth when you can investigate and resolve via a single pane of glass.

“Lost Bots” Tech Stack Consolidation and Bacon

Rapid7’s detection and response gurus Jeffrey Gardner and Stephen Davis warn of the key “gotchas” of consolidation: some decisions can actually increase your risk. They also talk about the many upsides, like deals, integration, having just “one throat to choke” when there’s a problem. And because these guys are more than valuable fonts of free lessons learned, the episode is packed with air quotes, bacon, and other surprises.

Consolidate with Rapid7 and get unlimited commitment

Rapid7 is the only connected, cloud to on-prem cybersecurity partner with unlimited incident response, unlimited automated workflows, unlimited vulnerability management, unlimited app security — you get the idea. It’s what a partner does. Consolidate with Managed Threat Complete and Cloud Risk Complete and take your own limits off with complete risk and threat coverage. And think of what you’d do with the time and money you’ll get back.

Manage Risks     Eliminate Threats

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  1. Winkless, Charlie. “Integrating SASE, XDR and Other Security Vendor Consolidation Trends in Security Strategy” Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, 5 June 2023, National Harbor, MD.