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Cambium cnPilot r200/r201 Login Scanner and Config Dump

This module scans for Cambium cnPilot r200/r201 management login portal(s), attempts to identify valid credentials, and dump device configuration. The device has at least two (2) users - admin and user. Due to an access control vulnerability, it is possible for 'user' account to access full device config. All information, including passwords, and keys, is stored insecurely, in clear-text form, thus allowing unauthorized admin access to any user.

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Module Name



  • Karn Ganeshen <KarnGaneshen [at]>




Module Options

To display the available options, load the module within the Metasploit console and run the commands 'show options' or 'show advanced':

msf > use auxiliary/scanner/http/cnpilot_r_web_login_loot msf auxiliary(cnpilot_r_web_login_loot) > show actions ...actions... msf auxiliary(cnpilot_r_web_login_loot) > set ACTION <action-name> msf auxiliary(cnpilot_r_web_login_loot) > show options and set options... msf auxiliary(cnpilot_r_web_login_loot) > run