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Amazon Linux AMI 2: CVE-2023-0286: Security patch for edk2, openssl, openssl-snapsafe, openssl11 (Multiple Advisories)

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Amazon Linux AMI 2: CVE-2023-0286: Security patch for edk2, openssl, openssl-snapsafe, openssl11 (Multiple Advisories)



There is a type confusion vulnerability relating to X.400 address processing inside an X.509 GeneralName. X.400 addresses were parsed as an ASN1_STRING but the public structure definition for GENERAL_NAME incorrectly specified the type of the x400Address field as ASN1_TYPE. This field is subsequently interpreted by the OpenSSL function GENERAL_NAME_cmp as an ASN1_TYPE rather than an ASN1_STRING. When CRL checking is enabled (i.e. the application sets the X509_V_FLAG_CRL_CHECK flag), this vulnerability may allow an attacker to pass arbitrary pointers to a memcmp call, enabling them to read memory contents or enact a denial of service. In most cases, the attack requires the attacker to provide both the certificate chain and CRL, neither of which need to have a valid signature. If the attacker only controls one of these inputs, the other input must already contain an X.400 address as a CRL distribution point, which is uncommon. As such, this vulnerability is most likely to only affect applications which have implemented their own functionality for retrieving CRLs over a network.


  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-edk2-aarch64
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-edk2-debuginfo
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-edk2-ovmf
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-edk2-tools
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-edk2-tools-doc
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-edk2-tools-python
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl-debuginfo
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl-devel
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl-libs
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl-perl
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl-snapsafe
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl-snapsafe-debuginfo
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl-snapsafe-devel
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl-snapsafe-libs
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl-snapsafe-perl
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl-snapsafe-static
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl-static
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl11
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl11-debuginfo
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl11-devel
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl11-libs
  • amazon-linux-ami-2-upgrade-openssl11-static

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