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RHSA-2008:0882: seamonkey security update

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RHSA-2008:0882: seamonkey security update



SeaMonkey is an open source Web browser, advanced email and newsgroupclient, IRC chat client, and HTML editor.Several flaws were found in the processing of malformed web content. A webpage containing malicious content could cause SeaMonkey to crash or,potentially, execute arbitrary code as the user running SeaMonkey.(CVE-2008-0016, CVE-2008-4058, CVE-2008-4059, CVE-2008-4060, CVE-2008-4061,CVE-2008-4062)Several flaws were found in the way malformed web content was displayed. Aweb page containing specially crafted content could potentially trick aSeaMonkey user into surrendering sensitive information. (CVE-2008-3835,CVE-2008-4067, CVE-2008-4068, CVE-2008-4069)A flaw was found in the way SeaMonkey handles mouse click events. A web pagecontaining specially crafted JavaScript code could move the content windowwhile a mouse-button was pressed, causing any item under the pointer to bedragged. This could, potentially, cause the user to perform an unsafedrag-and-drop action. (CVE-2008-3837)A flaw was found in SeaMonkey that caused certain characters to be strippedfrom JavaScript code. This flaw could allow malicious JavaScript to bypassor evade script filters. (CVE-2008-4065, CVE-2008-4066)All SeaMonkey users should upgrade to these updated packages, which containbackported patches to resolve these issues.


  • redhat-upgrade-devhelp
  • redhat-upgrade-devhelp-devel
  • redhat-upgrade-seamonkey
  • redhat-upgrade-seamonkey-chat
  • redhat-upgrade-seamonkey-devel
  • redhat-upgrade-seamonkey-dom-inspector
  • redhat-upgrade-seamonkey-js-debugger
  • redhat-upgrade-seamonkey-mail

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