Ransomware Playbook: How to Lower Attack Risk and Reduce the Impact

The threat of ransomware is seemingly inescapable across the security industry. New cases are reported every day, and security teams are up against ever more sophisticated and determined attackers. But there is hope, and it comes in the form of best practices, up-and-coming technologies, and a security community working vigilantly together. In this playbook, Rapid7 provides guidance to help your security team remain safe from ransomware, and know what to do should the worst occur.

Here’s what you’ll find:

Best practices from the best experts

The latest in best practices straight from some of the most preeminent experts studying ransomware today.

Prevention that actually works

There are tried and true steps security teams can take to lower the risk and find peace of mind, we show you them all.

What to do if you’re hit

Prevention is key, but having a swift course of action should the worst occur is also critical. Learn which steps to take to minimize the damage.

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