Custom Industry Cyber-Exposure Report & Data Science Consult

See where you stack up against the Fortune 100 Fastest Growing Companies, and distill the findings with a one-on-one consult with Rapid7's data science team.

The most agile and scalable companies may also be the most successful, but does that make them enticing targets for cyber attackers? Rapid7 Labs measured the internet-facing security profiles of the Fortune 100 Fastest Growing companies and benchmarked:

  • Overall attack surface (the number of exposed servers/devices);
  • Presence of dangerous or insecure services;
  • Phishing defense posture;
  • Weak public service and metadata configurations;
  • Joint third-party website dependency risks

By measuring these forms of risk, we are able to zero in on the most common weak spots in each surveyed industry, and offer practical, specific defensive advice.