How to Phish Your Business

(And Get Management's Buy-In)

Rapid7 Whitepaper: How to Phish Your Business 

What we know:

  • Phishing and related social engineering techniques targeting users are linked to more successful data breaches than any other form of cyberattack.
  • It is impossible to prevent phishing attempts by purely technical means.
  • A phishing awareness program can dramatically reduce the success rates of phishing attempts.

Just one problem—the members of your management team probably don’t know much about what a phishing awareness program is, or why it’s important. So how do you get their backing?


This whitepaper by Rapid7 is packed with advice on how to frame your proposal for a phishing awareness program, how to answer likely questions, and how to show that your initiative is one of the best investments your company can make in cybersecurity.

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