Extension Library Terms and Conditions

Conditions for Contributors: 

By submitting an extension application to Rapid7’s extension library, you are agreeing to Rapid7’s internal review process, and acknowledge that Rapid7 reserves the right to modify any associated descriptions to your submission. You will continue to have sole ownership and responsibility of the extension code, support, and maintenance. Upon completion of the review process, Rapid7 will facilitate listing the extension in the library. 

By contributing to Rapid7’s extension library, you understand that third parties may download and use such extensions. You acknowledge that no remuneration is due to you by Rapid7 or a third party by virtue of you submitting an extension or by others downloading and using such extension. 

Rapid7 reserves the right to remove any extension from the library without prior notice to contributors at any time and for any reason. If you wish to remove your contribution from the extension library, please notify Rapid7 at contribute@rapid7.com,, and Rapid7 will remove the extension promptly upon receipt. 

By submitting an extension to the library, you warrant that:

  • You will only submit materials you have permission, right or license to use and share;
  • Such extension (or the posting thereof) is not unlawful, deceptive, fraudulent, offensive or otherwise infringe on the rights of any other party, and;
  • The extension does not contain any confidential information of others.


Disclaimer for users:

Rapid7 disclaims all warranties for any extensions submitted by third-parties. Rapid7 shall not be responsible for any applications, services, software, extensions, or other products supplied by a third party that Customer chooses to use or integrate with the Service, even if such third-party service interoperates with a Service. Rapid7 will not provide maintenance or support for any third-party extensions.