Terms & Conditions

The Service is made available to customers at graded levels in exchange for accordingly graded charges. Customer’s order will be billed and Customer’s license will be fulfilled by Rapid7 Ireland (“Rapid7”). Customer may upgrade or downgrade the service level by following the instructions on the site. In the event that the Service is used in excess of the graded level purchased, Customer shall be obligated to pay Rapid7 for the for the use in excess of that level, at two times the then current price, monthly in arrears.

Payment for subscriptions is required to be paid in full at the beginning of each billing period by credit or debit card. Custom Enterprise plans require a Sales Order form, and must be signed by the Customer. Payment of charges for metered billing is required at the end of each month by credit or debit card and is based on the volume of data uploaded and stored during the month.

Rapid7’s designated third-party payment processor will charge your credit card on the agreed-to billing frequency for the charges, and Customer authorizes Rapid7, or such third-party payment processor, to automatically charge your credit card for such Charges. Customer agrees to notify Rapid7, or its designated third-party payment processor, of any changes to the credit card information associated with the account, including changes in billing address and expiration dates. If Rapid7, or its designated third-party payment processor, does not receive payment from the issuer of the credit card associated with the Account, Customer agrees to pay all amounts due upon demand directly to Rapid7, and Rapid7 further reserves the right to either suspend or terminate your account, and access to the Service, for non-payment.