Rapid7 and Mimecast

Rapid7 and Mimecast have built integrations to empower security teams with enhanced email-borne threat visibility, eased phishing investigations, improved email security management, and to automate the management and responses to email related security incidents.


Rapid7 Product Integrations

InsightConnect and InsightIDR by Rapid7 and Mimecast

Integrations between InsightConnect and InsightIDR and Mimecast Secure Email Gateway enable organizations to surface email threat data for correlation and analysis and to be synthesized with a broader set of security event data. In addition, the integrations enable automated inspection, management, and responses to user submitted, suspect emails.

Provides a centralized view of security relevant email and threat data

Accelerates the detection and alerting of compromised accounts
Automates the management and responses to phishing emails
Manages and blocks malicious sender addresses and domains
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Integration Resources

Mimecast Integration
Mimecast event source for InsightIDR Mimecast
Mimecast Plugin for InsightConnect
Mimecast plugin for InsightConnect
Mimecast Spear Phishing
Spear-phishing remediation with Mimecast
Mimecast and Rapid7 InsightConnect Solution Brief
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Rapid7 and Mimecast Solution Brief
Mimecast and Rapid7 InsightIDR
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Security Automation Workflows

Phishing Tacklebox
Modern security teams need to have a plan in place to rapidly detect and effectively respond to phishing attacks.
Feb 01, 2022
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Ransomware Toolkit
Once a single system is infected with ransomware, the clock starts ticking before an organization’s entire network is compromised.
Feb 01, 2022
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