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Remedy & InsightVM

Remedy & InsightVM Integration Brief

Incorporate Vulnerability Remediation Data Into Your IT Ticketing Solution

With BMC Remedy and Rapid7 InsightVM

Integration Benefits

  • Streamline your IT workflow by utilizing the native ticketing solution used by your IT operations team
  • Generate tickets automatically within BMC Remedy after a Rapid7 InsightVM or Nexpose scan is completed
  • Customize ticket creation to open tickets by severity level, sites, or asset groups
  • Configure and deploy more easily than before

One of the keys to securing any organization is being able to identify and apply proper remediation steps to mitigate the risk of vulnerabilities. Simultaneously, it can be quite the challenge for many security teams to incorporate vulnerability remediation data into their pre-existing ticketing solution. By integrating Rapid7 InsightVM* with BMC Remedy, you can automatically open tickets when new vulnerabilities are discovered and subsequently close tickets when vulnerabilities are fixed. As a Remedy administrator, you have the ability to assign tickets to a specific person or team, which increases accuracy and accountability during the remediation process. With remediation tickets in the system, you have the ability to report on which tickets have been successfully closed and compare them to subsequent scans to see if they’ve truly been remediated.


An InsightVM scan is conducted to assess the risk posture of the systems within your organization. The vulnerability data is then processed for each host. Next, at periodic intervals, InsightVM will query BMC Remedy’s SOAP web service and pull relevant vulnerabilities and either create the remediation tickets, or close those that have been fixed. A BMC Remedy administrator can then assign the tickets to the proper teams for remediation.

Rapid7 InsightVM & BMC Remedy Integration


Benefits of an integrated ticketing solution

Combining InsightVM and BMC Remedy creates a closed loop system for the discovery and mitigation of network vulnerabilities. By enabling IT administrators to automatically export vulnerability data into Remedy, you can easily and efficiently get a snapshot of the risk posture of your network as well as assign tasks from the Remedy console; the result is a workflow worthy of admins reporting on.

Overview of Integration Process

  • Step 1: Using InsightVM, perform a vulnerability scan.
  • Step 2: InsightVM will then create a list of vulnerabilities associated with various assets.
  • Step 3: Utilizing the connector, vulnerability information is exported into BMC Remedy.
  • Step 4: Remedy tickets are created and/or closed.

The connector will periodically query InsightVM and import the results into BMC Remedy for assignment.

Figure 1: BMC Remedy’s dashboard of assigned tickets

BMC Remedy’s dashboard of assigned tickets

*All mentions of Rapid7 InsightVM associated with its integration with BMC Remedy also apply to Rapid7 Nexpose.