XDR vs Exploito

Marvel has 27000 comic books. This is our first.

The story of an infamous phishing scammer, a burnt out staff, a panicked c-suite, and a CISO’S secret identity

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Okay, it’s not “Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness” with a Patrick Stewart cameo and a $200 million Marvel Comics budget – but it’s a laugh.

And we made it for you: security practitioners who are too-often unsung superheroes.


Meet Adira Adama. She’s a contract CISO fighting the world’s most corrosive cybercriminals. The tale of how this became Adira’s life is lost, but we do know this:

  • Her parents moved to China when she was just 7 to join the notorious Green Army hackers
  • She inherited their tech prowess, and was destined to fight evil
  • Adira became a white hat hacker prodigy at age 12
  • At 16, she took a summer job away from her parents, in China’s Sichuan Province, at the Research Base of Giant Panda Bears
  • There, she gained mythical ursine powers and more


In “XDR vs Exploito,” she takes on a master exfiltrator and one of the very worst ever. Get a cup of coffee and enjoy it.