Upgrade Nexpose to InsightVM

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I start the migration process?

    Click on this link to the Migration Request, which will bring you to our Technical Support Portal. Once you have authenticated here, you will be presented with a short questionnaire to submit a migration ticket. Once you submit a ticket to migrate from Nexpose to InsightVM, your Customer Success Manager will be immediately alerted and will work with you to review the process and details of the upgrade. 

  • What does upgrading from Nexpose to InsightVM mean from a legal and financial perspective?

    Migrating from Nexpose to InsightVM means that customers are governed by the Terms of Service rather than the EULA. Upon migration, customers are required to accept the Terms of Service as the contractual terms governing their use of and access to the Insight Platform. These terms represent the move to a cloud-based offering and subscription licensing. This may have implications for your internal budgeting process (i.e., whether you use CAPEX or OPEX). Otherwise, the upgrade itself is free for current customers, and previous renewal rates are carried over to the new subscription.

  • How long can I expect the migration to take?

    Once the details of the migration are reviewed and accepted by your organization, it will take roughly 10 business days to provide a new product key. The product key is installed in your current instance of Nexpose, and from there, it will only take minutes for you to benefit from the new features and functionality of InsightVM.

  • What action will I be responsible for after?

    Once we have determined that all steps are taken care of for your migration, you will receive a new license key for InsightVM. Converting products with your new product key is simply done by navigating to Administration > Global and Console Settings > Console (Administer) > Licensing (Activate a New License) in your Nexpose installation.

    Once the InsightVM product key has been applied to your license, you must make the changes highlighted here to benefit from all that InsightVM offers. Once these steps are taken, the additional features within InsightVM will appear within your console.

  • What is the security of the Insight platform?

    More information regarding our security controls can be found on our trust website here.

  • What about the security implications for the InsightVM application specifically?

    Our InsightVM specific guides, cover the security of the application's different communication mediums.

  • If my organization has multiple consoles, do they all need to be migrated to InsightVM?


  • I have more questions. Who can I follow up with?

    We're happy to address any questions before the actual migration occurs. Your Customer Success Manager and Account Executives are great resources for follow-up information. We recommend that you submit the migration request referenced in the initial FAQ question.