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InsightVM and Nexpose offer a data-rich resource that can amplify the other solutions in your stack, from a SIEM and firewalls to a ticketing system. Only InsightVM and Nexpose integrate with 40+ other leading technologies; and with their open API, your existing data can make your other tools even more valuable.

Below, learn how InsightVM and Nexpose can integrate with your: 

  • SIEM
  • Patch management or ticketing system
  • Cloud and virtual infrastructure
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InsightVM integrates with your SIEM

Integrate with your SIEM for comprehensive enterprise security intelligence and threat management. With vulnerability data provided through the InsightVM API, you can act in real-time with up-to-date situational awareness and comprehensive security analytics.

If you don’t have a SIEM or are considering upgrading your SIEM, learn how Rapid7 InsightIDR could be your perfect solution.

InsightVM integrates with your patch management and ticketing systems

Remediating and patching vulnerable assets quickly is a challenge facing many organizations today. Compounding the issue is the seemingly endless list of assets that need to be patched. This cadence has the potential to leave gaps, putting organizations at risk for an attack. While opening tickets to remediate affected assets can be effective for many patches, sometimes you need to take action more quickly. By combining the patch management capabilities of your patch management system with the scan data from InsightVM, you are now able to apply patches to vulnerable assets without delay.

Stop chucking thousand-page reports over the fence and hoping for remediation by your next scan; learn more about how InsightVM integrates with Atlassian Jira to fold remediation into IT's existing workflows.

InsightVM and Nexpose integrate with your cloud and virtual infrastructure

The traditional IT perimeter no longer exists; corporate networks are now shifting on an hourly basis, with new virtual and cloud instances spinning up and down constantly. InsightVM connects with VMWare and Amazon AWS to automatically discover and scan new devices as they’re added to your dynamic infrastructure, and integrates with other management tools like McAfee ePO to ensure your vulnerability management program never misses a system.

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