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Project Doppler

Providing instant insights into your attack surface

An Introduction to Project Doppler

Project Doppler is a free and simple tool that lets organizations of any size quickly gain insights into their public internet exposure. The increasing complexity of corporate IT environments, along with the rise of shadow IT, makes it hard for organizations to keep up with their external exposures. Left unchecked, these exposures can expand your network’s attack surface and increase your cyber risk.

Project Doppler addresses this challenge with an easy-to-use interface that reveals your hard-to-discover exposures—those related to third-party services, shadow IT implementations, misconfigurations, and exploitation of systems—and offers you actionable tips for addressing them.

Developed by the Rapid7 Research team and made available to Insight Platform customers in 2021, Doppler is an exciting step in our mission to bring safety and resilience to as many people as possible through easy access to powerful security technology.

How It Works

Project Doppler is powered by data from Rapid7’s Project Sonar, which scans the internet to identify exposures, and Project Lorelei , a globally-distributed honeypot network that monitors for potentially malicious inbound connections. Users simply input domains or IP ranges owned by their organizations—within moments, Doppler filters through Sonar and Lorelei data to identify external exposures and provide helpful tips to decrease risk.

We’re offering Project Doppler to existing customers as part of Rapid7 Open Labs, the new home to free and open source tools backed by the Rapid7 research team. These tools are designed to provide broad access to key security capabilities, and aren’t subject to the same level of support and availability as Rapid7’s commercial solutions. Access Doppler through the Rapid7 Open Labs tile in the Insight Platform today.

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