How to Create Phishing Campaigns in Metasploit Pro

October 23, 2015

In this week’s Feature Friday. Amber Lee, Senior Customer Success Support Engineer at Rapid7, will show you how easy it is to setup phishing campaigns in Metasploit Pro.

As a security professional, you try your hardest to implement security controls that lock down your networks to prevent security breaches from happening. However, there is one aspect that you do not have control over, your users.

The most recent Verizon DBIR report shows that phishing is increasing in effectiveness. So what do you do to train your employees from falling for phishing campaigns? One option is to create your own phishing campaigns, see who is falling for the bait, and train them to be more aware of phishing attempts.

With Metasploit Pro, we allow you to do just that! Follow our self-guided wizard, create your own phishing emails, landing pages, and follow up pages and launch your campaign to your employees. We will tell you who opened the email, who clicked the email, and who gave away personal information. This feature allows you to import your own HTML for emails and landing pages and even allows you to clone websites (you can see this in action in the video above) to make this easier than ever.

Watch this Feature Friday video to see how this feature works. If you are interested, download a free 14-day trial of Metasploit Pro to test it out yourself.

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