Web Application Security Testing

Building a web application security program that fits your needs

Whether you’re building a highly automated web application security program that addresses thousands of applications across development teams around the world, or you’re focusing on a few primary applications that drive your business, navigating an ever-expanding application footprint can feel overwhelming. From the complexity of modern applications – and collaborating with the developers who build them – to keeping up with threats and scaling repeatable scanning across the enterprise, the challenges related to web application security testing are multi-dimensional.

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Covering highly complex modern applications
Applications are ever-evolving, a collection of highly complex interconnected components of which no two are alike. Pile on web services, APIs, or a highly dynamic client leveraging Single Page Applications (SPAs), and you’ve got yourself an app cocktail most dynamic web application security testing solutions can’t cover thoroughly. Your best bet is a solution that addresses as much of the application as possible (with as little hand-holding as possible), such as a dynamic application security testing scanner. It frees up your expert pen testers to focus on the parts of the application logic that require human decision making.

Driving web application security through DevOps
Application vulnerabilities are usually defects that need to be fixed in the source code. Unfortunately, in this case, knowing the problem isn’t half the solution—collaborating with developers and driving security earlier in the lifecycle is hard because you have different priorities than developers. The best way to find security defects early, without impacting development time frames, is to embed security testing into the Continuous Integration, issue tracking, and automated testing processes.

Keeping pace with threats
Application attacks and attackers are evolving as rapidly as the applications themselves, and keeping up with the changes is a tremendous challenge. It’s not enough to just test for the OWASP Top 10. With numerous attack patterns that can be used against you, you need a solution that covers all of your bases by keeping up with both evolving attack patterns and the breadth of attacks.

Automating your way to free time
Call it an educated guess, but we feel pretty confidently you have no interest in babysitting your web app security solution to make sure it stays authenticated and maintains session, or in allocating precious resources to dealing with a high number of false positives and negatives. You need a highly sophisticated solution that addresses both your application complexity and program needs.

Scaling your web application security program
Most organizations need to run highly coordinated and scheduled application security tests that are both predictable and conducted at a custom frequency. Some applications require weekly testing, others monthly, some quarterly, and a few annually. When you’re dealing with 50, 100, or 1,000 applications, it’s important to have a well-orchestrated system that you can rely on to give your stakeholders the info they need to assure customers and board members that application security testing is being addressed.

Rapid7 web application security solutions

Having trouble finding a web application security scanner that goes beyond HTML and a little JavaScript? AppSpider, Rapid7’s dynamic application security scanner, does what many scanning solutions do not: We interpret and attack today’s modern applications with dynamic clients, APIs, and SPAs, providing full coverage of your web, mobile, and cloud applications. We understand that coverage is the first step of accuracy, and we offer several different packages to suit your needs:

  • InsightAppSec – Our cloud-powered application security testing solution gets you up and running quickly. With no on-premise component installation necessary to scan external apps and intuitive workflows, your team will be scanning for application vulnerabilities within minutes. Internal apps are also supported with the installation of a lightweight on-premise engine.
  • AppSpider Pro – Our desktop web application security scanner provides more coverage of your web services, mobile, and rich internet applications (RIAs) than any other dynamic analysis tool available. Most importantly, AppSpider Pro saves you time by delivering the best rates in the appsec industry for the elimination of false positives and false negatives. All of our application security solutions are based on this same sophisticated scanning technology.
  • AppSpider Enterprise – Our on-premise enterprise solution enables you to build a global, fully-scalable, flexible web application security program. It also provides the data you need to assess if your security posture is improving or not, allowing you to easily manage scanning, vulnerabilities testing, and more across thousands of applications. In addition, this solution helps you to adopt the DevSecOps mindset and embed application security into CI, issue tracking, and test automation.
  • AppSpider Managed Services – Our AppSpider Managed Services help you leverage your security program investment by allowing you to offload the entire process to our team of application security experts. This minimizes your workload, reduces your time to productivity, guarantees a consistent application assessment process, and frees you up for other tasks. This solution includes add-on services such as vulnerability validation and business logic testing. 

Rapid7 Managed AppSec

Offload your application security program – from scan management to vulnerability validation to penetration testing – onto Rapid7 experts. We can take it from here.

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