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Every security team possesses unique goals and challenges. You might subscribe to DevSecOps and be seeking a way to integrate web application security testing into your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). You might be focused on securing just a few critical applications that drive your business. You might be looking for outside help to measure and manage your application security risk. Point is, navigating an ever-expanding application footprint can feel overwhelming; Rapid7 can help you achieve success in your web application security testing program across all of your initiatives.

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Why is Application Security Important?

You may already have security systems in place to protect your infrastructure, but applications should be included as part of your overall vulnerability risk management strategy. Applications are most often the attack vectors through which attackers can compromise IT ecosystems. Think of it like a dam with a hole. You may be relying on your dam to do the heavy lifting, but cracks in the surface can lead to longer term consequences. Securing every layer of the modern attack surface is crucial—continue reading to learn some of the key capabilities you need to manage your vulnerability risk and how Rapid7 solutions can help.

Want to start adapting your program today to reduce risk in infrastructure and applications? Download the toolkit: Getting Started with Vulnerability Risk Management.

Application Security Testing Coverage and Accuracy

Applications are ever-evolving, a collection of highly complex, interconnected components of which no two are alike. Given how dynamic web development can be, shouldn’t your application security program be built on technology that can adapt and keep pace? Our Universal Translator provides all of our application security solutions with the unprecedented ability to scan and simulate attacks on your applications. By translating and normalizing all attackable inputs into a common universal format, the Universal Translator enables you to expand your application area coverage and add support for future web technologies and emerging attack types. Our solutions not only minimize false negatives, i.e. missed vulnerabilities, but also minimize false positives thanks to technology continuously improved and informed by data from real scans out in the wild.

DevOps Security Automation

DevSecOps, or the practice of integrating security into your DevOps processes, is quickly changing the application security landscape. Security teams want faster, automated testing—our APIs enable just that. Our application security solutions integrate seamlessly into your SDLC: Automate scans with your Continuous Integration (CI) solution, like Jenkins, to catch vulnerabilities before they hit production and notify developers of new issues automatically by integrating with ticketing systems like Jira. This cycle of collaboration and quality assurance enables you to build a more secure application layer.

Application Monitoring and Protection

Scanning for application vulnerabilities provides critical insight into your risk posture against both established and emerging attack types; that said, scanning alone isn’t always enough to ensure the security of your web apps in the face of impending threats—this is where application monitoring and protection comes in.

Traditional web application firewalls (WAFs) stand between your web applications and the internet, helping to protect against various types of attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) by filtering suspicious web requests. But without visibility into the impact that attempted attacks have on your applications, traditional WAFs can often produce excessive false-positives, making it difficult for teams to know what to focus on. tCell by Rapid7 takes application monitoring and protection a step further by incorporating runtime application self-protection (RASP) technology; this enables tCell to identify changes at the browser, web server, and app server levels and prevent applications from executing on malicious behaviors (including those incited by zero-days). RASP capabilities also provide greater visibility into the tangible impact of malicious activity on your web apps.

Proven Application Security Expertise

Web application security testing can be resource intensive; it requires not just security expertise, but also intimate knowledge of how the applications being tested are designed and built. For organizations looking to augment their team with experienced application security professionals, Rapid7 has both the technology and the industry leadership to help you establish a world-class program. Our resident experts can run and tune scans, validate and prioritize vulnerability results, and deliver actionable reports with no false positives. Learn more about our managed security services.

Our Application Security Solutions

Rapid7 offers application security solutions to cover every need:

  • InsightAppSec: Our cloud-powered application security testing solution has been the highest rated DAST tool by Gartner three years in a row. It gets you up and running quickly so you can secure the modern web. With no on-premises component installation necessary to scan external apps, your team will be scanning for vulnerabilities with InsightAppSec’s intuitive workflows within minutes. Internal apps are also supported with the installation of a lightweight on-premise engine.
  • Managed Application Securuty: Leverage your security program investment; our managed service offering allows you to offload the entire process to our team of application security experts. This minimizes your workload, reduces your time to productivity, guarantees a consistent application assessment process, and frees you up for other tasks (because we know there’s always more to do). Additionally, our experts remove any false positives, so you don’t have to. Even better, this offering includes add-on services such as vulnerability validation and business logic testing.
  • tCell by Rapid7: Our application monitoring and protection solution combines WAF and RASP capabilities so you can assess your application attack surface, monitor attacks in progress, and protect your web apps against active threats.
  • Docker and Container Security: Learn how Rapid7 solutions can help you assess, secure, and monitor all layers of your containerized application infrastructure.

Total Cloud Risk Coverage

With the number of attacks on web apps having doubled since 2019, taking a holistic approach to your security is a no brainer. We’re combining our industry-leading DAST solution, InsightAppSec, and next-gen WAF and RASP solution, tCell, in our Total Risk Coverage Program to give you full coverage across the application layer

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