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Safeguard public data while securing essential services

Public sector organizations must provide critical services while safeguarding valuable personal data, complying with regulatory frameworks, and modernizing infrastructure. And most have to do it against constrained budgets. Faced with these unique and often competing challenges, cybersecurity can take a back seat. 

It’s critical to effectively guard against security threats and quickly respond to breaches to keep operations running smoothly and maintain public trust. Rapid7 helps hundreds of government agencies—from state and local to federal and international—put the right process, technology, and people in place for a lean, strategic, and compliant security strategy.

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Process: Reduce risk and respond to attacks

With governments more targeted than ever and ransomware payments on the rise, you need to continuously monitor your physical, virtual, cloud, mobile, and BYOD environments and act quickly before sensitive data gets into the wrong hands. Rapid7 gives you one-click access to vulnerability management, application security, incident detection and response, simulation, automation, and much more. Our solutions are designed to help you prioritize efforts and easily comply with a vast array of regulatory frameworks.

Technology: Protect public data with leading-edge tools

Long procurement and budget cycles can put public entities far behind the curve of modern cybersecurity standards. A cloud security service will continuously provide you with the latest technology, integrated and configured for full security across multi-cloud and on-prem environments. Rapid7’s spectrum of security tools are based on decades of experience with thousands of clients around the world, as well as ongoing major research projects like MetaSploit that help us think like hackers.

People: Build security partnerships within your organization

So much of security hinges on your humans. Rapid7 lets you unite teams to work faster through visibility, analytics, and automation. Our training helps you raise awareness of threats and change employee behaviour. Our reporting lets you easily engage leadership in security goals, because executive allies are always handy. With Rapid7, you get a team of advocates, best practices, a plan, access to managed services, and a knowledge base—all dedicated to supporting your success.