Ransomware Prevention

Don’t give attackers the chance to make demands

  • Disrupt attacks with patented preemptive technology
  • Fortify defenses and elevate your security posture
  • Stay ahead with layered defense backed by Rapid7‘s elite SOC
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Layered Defense to Stop Attacks Before they Start

Break the attack chain with Rapid7 Ransomware Prevention and gain peace of mind with an additional layer of protection for your endpoints. Robust prevention engines are purpose-built with an attacker's understanding of security measures as well as intimate knowledge of the techniques they use to breach those measures so we are able to stop malicious activity.

Avoid Unwanted Headlines


Patented technology disrupts malicious actors and prevents ransomware attacks before they start.


Ransomware Prevention engines reinforce at each stage of an attack, strengthening defenses and minimizing exposures.


Monitor, detect, and block ransomware – Rapid7’s top industry experts deliver comprehensive coverage for maximum peace-of-mind.

Expand Your Resources with Confidence and Transparency

Managed Threat Complete does what typical managed detection and response (MDR) can’t: smashes silos, changes the game, and changes your odds before, during, and after an attack.

Managed Threat Complete is a single-subscription service that instantly solves multiple problems like the cybersecurity skills gap, budget pressures, and tool sprawl. Take back time for proactive work.

The latest stats

Stay current with ransomware trends to fortify defenses.

The solution

Stay ahead of attackers with multi-layered defense and dedicated ransomware prevention engines.

The team

Rapid7’s global SOC network is headquartered in Washington, DC, and retains top talent from the most elite intelligence agencies and cyber hubs in the world.

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