Presenting SecOps Metrics That Matter

The guide to growing your influence in the C-Suite

  • Ensure you and your security team have more impact on decisions
  • Utilize metrics and stories to drive powerful conversations with leadership
  • Lock in on your target: The human brain

Everything starts with a story (even this)

You probably began your journey in IT. Over time, your role evolved. Risks and threats became more frequent and continue to challenge the security of your organization. Now, executives and Boards of Directors have high interest in your area of expertise. But according to Harvard Business Review, “Boards Are Having the Wrong Conversations About Cybersecurity.”2 They need you to guide the right conversations. Which means you might need to think through how you construct stories, use metrics, and gain more control.

Create a compelling narrative about your SecOps program


After demanding data, nearly two-thirds of CEOs admit they make business decisions based on instinct. C-level executives tell researchers they “trust their gut” all the time. It’s human to bounce from inattentive to focused, from rational to irrational. Be ready.


Talk data to a human and it registers in the brain like a news article. Tell a story to a human? You’ll cause a magnificent brain event that connects you. Metrics support the story and allow a business leader to make a decision when you’re through. What decision do you want?


Consolidation can lead to better outcomes, which is how security professionals win more credibility, control, and investment. The right partner should help you build a great narrative with data, storytelling, and processes that make sense for your company.

“Lost Bots” Narrative & Numbers, Part 1

In this first of a two-part “Lost Bots,” Rapid7’s detection and response gurus Jeffrey Gardner and Stephen Davis offer their lessons learned and practical ideas.The average person’s undivided attention span is around 20-30 seconds. We can’t help it. So you have to constantly reengage, reengage, and reengage. Executives want facts and figures, but they’re also humans. Start there, always.

Why security vendor consolidation improves your story

For starters, it improves everything: complexity, a holistic view of risk and threats, your posture, even how you spend precious time. If you consolidate well, you’ll also have a partner invested in your success. Check out Rapid7 Managed Threat Complete and Cloud Risk Complete. Practitioners are re-organizing and simplifying for results.

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  1. “‘Feel the Force’: Gut Instinct, Not Data, Is the Thing,” The Wall Street Journal, October 18, 2019.

  2. “The Devastating Business Impacts of a Cyber Breach,” Harvard Business Review, May 3, 2023