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  • Threat Exposure Management

    Reduce Your Risk of a Breach

    Managing your risk of a breach starts by identifying all the places you are vulnerable to attack and systematically reducing your exposure. We know the attacker mindset better than anyone, and we use this knowledge to ensure that our products and services do the best possible job of helping to reduce your risk of a breach.

    Modern businesses are exposed to attack across networks, mobile deployments, web apps, and cloud data storehouses. What's more, this attack surface changes constantly to reflect new employees, partners, contractors, and technologies. Simply collecting data is not enough. You need to view it in the context of your business to make informed decisions about what to change and ensure that you are improving your overall security posture - even as the threat landscape evolves.

    Whether you seek technology that will help you quickly and thoroughly assess your risk, require expert assistance to manage the products for you, or are looking to implement proven security processes, we have you covered.

    Technology / Equip your security team


    VULNERABILITY MANAGEMENT FOR TODAY'S THREAT LANDSCAPE Rapid7 Nexpose is a threat exposure management solution that dynamically collects data and analyzes risk from the endpoint to the cloud. Its Adaptive Security capability enables IT security teams to identify, assess, and respond to critical change as it happens. It also provides complete threat exposure management by testing security controls, and prioritizing and driving risk reduction with RealContext™, RealRisk™, and the attacker's mindset.
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    PENETRATION TESTING FOR OFFENSIVE SECURITY TEAMS Rapid7 Metasploit increases penetration testers' productivity, prioritizes and demonstrates risk through closed-loop vulnerability validation, and measures security awareness through simulated phishing emails. Metasploit provides risk assessment through a controlled simulation of a real attack.
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    APPLICATION ASSESSMENT FOR THE MODERN WORLD Today's malicious attackers share a preferred channel of attack - the millions of custom web, mobile, and cloud applications companies deploy to serve their customers. AppSpider dynamically assesses these applications for vulnerabilities across all modern technologies, provides tools that speed remediation, and monitors applications for changes.
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    People / Extend your team

    Start out right Product Deployment Services Our goal is to make sure you benefit from our security services experience and proven deployment methods — you'll get the know-how necessary to quickly and easily manage day-to-day operations and drive toward more strategic organizational goals. Learn More >

    Let us run it for you Managed Services Rapid7's Managed Services team helps you leverage your security program investment by handling the operational requirements for you. Our vulnerability management services offer regular assessments and concise reporting, which supports your organization's higher productivity and saves you time and money. Learn More >

    Process / Prepare your team

    Demonstrate real-world risk Penetration Testing Services The best way to know how intruders will actually approach your network is to simulate an attack under controlled conditions. Our Penetration Testing Services team delivers network, application, wireless, and social engineering engagements to demonstrate the security level of your organization's key systems and infrastructure. Learn More >

    Eliminate Persistent Blind Spots Security Program Maturity Testing Rapid7's Security Program Maturity Testing does more than just help our customers identify their security deficiencies, it assists in driving to the root cause to eliminate persistent blind spots. Our process combines our world-class penetration testing methodology with our team's expert approach. Learn More >

    Featured Resources / Grow your team's knowledge