Trust - Security

Security at Rapid7 encompasses more than just our products. Rapid7 has policies and procedures in place to keep both our data and products secure, so that we can continue keeping our customers secure.

At Rapid7, we strive to create a great experience for customers and make the most successful security technologies and practices accessible to all. It is our priority to ensure you have the information you need to trust Rapid7 as a security partner. We’ve created our Trust and Assurance packet to give you access to the latest security information on Rapid7's security and compliance practices that protect and govern the organization, the Insight Cloud Platform, and corresponding product offerings. This Trust and Assurance packet provides assurance to customers that a relationship with Rapid7 will not put organizations at undue risk. Assurance is demonstrated through the proactive and transparent reporting of Rapid7's employed security, compliance, privacy, and system controls.If you still have questions after reviewing our documentation, we are happy to address them!

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Vulnerability Handling and Disclosure

We work hard to ensure all our products are secure from the start, but we want to know if you find a vulnerability or other security flaw when using one of our products. As a provider of security software, services, and research, we strive to set an example with our coordinated vulnerability disclosure philosophy.

If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability in a Rapid7 product, please fill out this form so our security team can ensure the issue is addressed.

Read our full vulnerability disclosure policy

If you need to report a security incident or get in contact with Rapid7’s security team for some other reason, contact us at security@rapid7.com.

Please use our PGP public key - KeyID: 959D3EDA - if you feel the need to encrypt your communications with us.