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Alma Linux: CVE-2024-26671: Moderate: kernel security, bug fix, and enhancement update (Multiple Advisories)

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Alma Linux: CVE-2024-26671: Moderate: kernel security, bug fix, and enhancement update (Multiple Advisories)



In the Linux kernel, the following vulnerability has been resolved: blk-mq: fix IO hang from sbitmap wakeup race In blk_mq_mark_tag_wait(), __add_wait_queue() may be re-ordered with the following blk_mq_get_driver_tag() in case of getting driver tag failure. Then in __sbitmap_queue_wake_up(), waitqueue_active() may not observe the added waiter in blk_mq_mark_tag_wait() and wake up nothing, meantime blk_mq_mark_tag_wait() can't get driver tag successfully. This issue can be reproduced by running the following test in loop, and fio hang can be observed in < 30min when running it on my test VM in laptop. modprobe -r scsi_debug modprobe scsi_debug delay=0 dev_size_mb=4096 max_queue=1 host_max_queue=1 submit_queues=4 dev=`ls -d /sys/bus/pseudo/drivers/scsi_debug/adapter*/host*/target*/*/block/* | head -1 | xargs basename` fio --filename=/dev/"$dev" --direct=1 --rw=randrw --bs=4k --iodepth=1 \ --runtime=100 --numjobs=40 --time_based --name=test \ --ioengine=libaio Fix the issue by adding one explicit barrier in blk_mq_mark_tag_wait(), which is just fine in case of running out of tag.


  • alma-upgrade-bpftool
  • alma-upgrade-kernel
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-abi-stablelists
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-core
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-cross-headers
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-debug
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-debug-core
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-debug-devel
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-debug-modules
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-debug-modules-extra
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-devel
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-doc
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-headers
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-modules
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-modules-extra
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-rt
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-rt-core
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-rt-debug
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-rt-debug-core
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-rt-debug-devel
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-rt-debug-kvm
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-rt-debug-modules
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-rt-debug-modules-extra
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-rt-devel
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-rt-kvm
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-rt-modules
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-rt-modules-extra
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-tools
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-tools-libs
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-tools-libs-devel
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-zfcpdump
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-zfcpdump-core
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-zfcpdump-devel
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-zfcpdump-modules
  • alma-upgrade-kernel-zfcpdump-modules-extra
  • alma-upgrade-perf
  • alma-upgrade-python3-perf

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