Confidently Secure AWS with Rapid7

The Rapid7 Insight Platform is fully integrated into the AWS ecosystem and available in the AWS marketplace. It is purpose built to help you shrink your cloud attack surface, mitigating cloud risk and detecting threats across your entire AWS environment.

The Insight Platform supports and provides real-time visibility into 150+ AWS resource and service types. With AWS and Rapid7 there is no more comprehensive a partnership for securing your entire IT footprint.

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Rapid7, an Advanced Tier AWS Marketplace Partner for 10+ years


Unlimited Risk Coverage with AWS and Rapid7

Rapid7 enables organizations to accelerate cloud adoption through AWS with continuous security and compliance across their entire AWS environment. The platform works seamlessly with your AWS ecosystem to provide real-time visibility into hundreds of resource and service types.

Detect in Real Time

Detect your cloud risk in real time with agentless visibility into every resource and service running in your cloud environment.

Prioritize Most Impactful Risks

Prioritize Cloud Risk with rich, contextual insight into every cloud layer so you can understand and prioritize risk based on potential impact and exploitability.

Automate Compliance

Automate your compliance efforts to ensure continuous measurement against organizations policies and free up team bandwidth, all without code.

The AWS Cloud Risk Assessment allows your organization to gain a  comprehensive understanding of your entire AWS environment.

  • Get visibility into your AWS footprint and your overall cloud security posture with critical risks clearly identified.
  • Leverage decades of experience from Rapid7 security experts to help make an informed plan to address the risk surfaced in the impact statement.
  • Assess your entire AWS environment for compliance against AWS’ Foundational Security Best Practices and identify areas for security and cost optimization.
  • Understand the ROI that Rapid7’s cloud security solutions can offer without the need to conduct a time-intensive or costly POC process.

Rapid7 AWS Supported Services

Anticipate Risk and Remediate Fast with Managed Threat Complete

Rapid7’s team of experts and security professionals is deeply integrated within AWS, and Managed Threat Complete ensures your AWS environment is protected 24/7/365 by the best experts the industry has to offer. 

  • Stay ahead of attackers and preserve your AWS environment with a complete MDR partnership that is engaged and embedded in your SOC 24/7/365.
  • Unlock unlimited vulnerability management to best understand where risks are most likely to reside and remediate vulnerabilities quickly and effectively. 
  • Identify threats to your AWS in the same platform used to monitor your on-prem environments, underpinned by unlimited emergent threat intelligence.