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Amazon Linux AMI: CVE-2022-2586: Security patch for kernel (ALAS-2023-1773)

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Amazon Linux AMI: CVE-2022-2586: Security patch for kernel (ALAS-2023-1773)



Details for this vulnerability have not been published by NIST at this point. Descriptions from software vendor advisories for this issue are provided below.

From ALAS-2023-1773:

A use-after-free flaw was found in nf_tables cross-table in the net/netfilter/nf_tables_api.c function in the Linux kernel. This flaw allows a local, privileged attacker to cause a use-after-free problem at the time of table deletion, possibly leading to local privilege escalation. (CVE-2022-2586)

A heap buffer overflow flaw was found in the Linux kernel's Netfilter subsystem in the way a user provides incorrect input of the NFT_DATA_VERDICT type. This flaw allows a local user to crash or potentially escalate their privileges on the system. (CVE-2022-34918)

A denial of service problem was found, due to a possible recursive locking scenario, resulting in a deadlock in table_clear in drivers/md/dm-ioctl.c in the Linux Kernel Device Mapper-Multipathing sub-component. (CVE-2023-2269)

do_tls_getsockopt in net/tls/tls_main.c in the Linux kernel through 6.2.6 lacks a lock_sock call, leading to a race condition (with a resultant use-after-free or NULL pointer dereference). (CVE-2023-28466)

A use after free vulnerability was found in prepare_to_relocate in fs/btrfs/relocation.c in btrfs in the Linux Kernel. This possible flaw can be triggered by calling btrfs_ioctl_balance() before calling btrfs_ioctl_defrag(). (CVE-2023-3111)

An issue was discovered in the Linux kernel before 6.3.3. There is an out-of-bounds read in crc16 in lib/crc16.c when called from fs/ext4/super.c because ext4_group_desc_csum does not properly check an offset. (CVE-2023-34256)


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