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Juniper Junos OS: Crafted LDP packets cause a memory leak that could lead to rpd crash (JSA10777) (CVE-2017-2312)

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Juniper Junos OS: Crafted LDP packets cause a memory leak that could lead to rpd crash (JSA10777) (CVE-2017-2312)



On Juniper Networks devices running Junos OS affected versions and with LDP enabled, a specific LDP packet destined to the RE (Routing Engine) will consume a small amount of the memory allocated for the rpd (routing protocol daemon) process. Over time, repeatedly receiving this type of LDP packet(s) will cause the memory to exhaust and the rpd process to crash and restart. It is not possible to free up the memory that has been consumed without restarting the rpd process. This issue affects Junos OS based devices with either IPv4 or IPv6 LDP enabled via the [protocols ldp] configuration (the native IPv6 support for LDP is available in Junos OS 16.1 and higher). The interface on which the packet arrives needs to have LDP enabled. The affected Junos versions are: 13.3 prior to 13.3R10; 14.1 prior to 14.1R8; 14.2 prior to 14.2R7-S6 or 14.2R8; 15.1 prior to 15.1F2-S14, 15.1F6-S4, 15.1F7, 15.1R4-S7, 15.1R5; 15.1X49 before 15.1X49-D70; 15.1X53 before 15.1X53-D230, 15.1X53-D63, 15.1X53-D70; 16.1 before 16.1R2. 16.2R1 and all subsequent releases have a resolution for this vulnerability.


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