4 Steps to Prove the Value of Your Vulnerability Management Program

Vulnerability management can feel like an endless climb.

Learn how InsightVM gets you operating in peak performance so you and your company leadership can enjoy the view.

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Overwhelmed by mountains of data?

Identify the right metrics for measuring your program effectiveness

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Too much time spent trekking through workflows?

Understand if your current approach and technology support program goals

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Need help translating security risk into business risk?

Prove value and ROI with business-contextualized results for leadership

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Conflicted on the right path for your program?

Pinpoint the data you need to make informed and impactful decisions

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Learn how to prove the value of your program and gain trust, budget, and recognition in 4 doable steps.

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How to Prove Value in 4 Steps

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Step 1

Move away from metrics that aren’t impactful

For years, many of us have reached for the metrics most readily available, rather than the ones that show value strategically.
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  • Why traditional metrics like CVSS score and number of assets scanned are obsolete
  • The downsides of solely reporting on operational efficiency
  • Examples of operational metrics with limited impact for leadership
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Step 2

Adopt the metrics that matter

Leaving a lasting (positive) impression on your executive team starts with translating security impact into business impact.
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  • How Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) can be translated in terms of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • How you can align your security goals to those of other functional teams
  • Examples of security metrics that clearly tie back to the business
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Step 3

Create goals and a sustainable reporting process

Gathering the right data is crucial, but long term success hinges on staying accountable and creating a sustainable reporting loop.
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  • The importance of having goals and service level agreements (SLAs) for your program
  • Examples of how to communicate your progress with leadership
  • Key characteristics of effective reporting
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Step 4

Invest in technology that supports your program goals

Now that you’ve nailed down the strategy, it’s time to evaluate if your current technology solution supports your overall approach.
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  • How your choice of vulnerability risk management solution can set you up for success or failure
  • Questions you should ask when evaluating solutions
  • Why we believe Rapid7 InsightVM is a great place to start your evolution
    (We promise to keep it short.)

You’re on the Edge of a Breakthrough

Now let’s share your feats with your leadership team. Learn how to prove the value of
your program and gain trust, budget, and recognition in 4 doable steps.