InsightOne, as part of the Rapid7 Insight Platform, addresses key security operational challenges by providing a set of best-in-class solutions, covering detection and response, vulnerability management, application security, and security automation. InsightOne provides four leading products that gives security teams rich contextual analytics, streamlined workflows, and integrated controls that help to accelerate both response and remediation.
InsightOne Together

InsightOne Together

InsightOne is made up of a combination of Rapid7’s leading XDR, SOAR, vulnerability management, and DAST products that together help organizations reduce their attack surface and to detect and respond better and faster to active threats. In addition to the strong value of the individual products in InsightOne, the combined solution delivers value in multiple ways, including:

  • Vulnerability management automation
  • Incident response automation
  • Combined vulnerability reporting
  • Vulnerability and asset context in incident investigations
  • Asset and user activity in support of vulnerability prioritization
  • Lightweight single endpoint agent for incident response and vulnerability scanning
  • Cloud-based global deployment for administration and system management
  • Security automation and customization
  • Comprehensive API and 3rd-party integrations


SIEM and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution:

  • Unifies diverse telemetry with cloud scale, correlation, and attribution
  • Unlocks complete environment visibility across endpoint, network, user, cloud, and more
  • Detects stealthy attacks early in the ATT&CK chain
  • Delivers detailed events and investigations so analysts have all relevant information
  • Accelerates incident response with one-click automation


Provides a scalable and efficient cloud-based system to collect vulnerability data, turn it into actionable information, and ultimately minimize risk:

  • Provides continuous endpoint monitoring
  • Visualizes, prioritizes, assigns and fixes vulnerabilities
  • Scan and assess cloud, virtual, container-based, and networking systems.
  • Prioritize risk based on multiple factors including, CVSS scores, malware and exploit exposure, and vulnerability age.
  • Assign and track remediation duties and leverage IT ticketing solutions


Rapid7’s Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solution, provides powerful application crawling and attack simulation, flexibility in scan scope and scheduling, and accuracy in results:

  • Industry leading accuracy and coverage
  • Find vulnerabilities in your web application and APIs
  • Provide actionable remediation guidance
  • Visualize your application risk with custom dashboards
  • Integrate with DevOps workflows to prevent new risks


Rapid7’s security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) solution — enables security teams to accelerate time-intensive, highly manual incident response and vulnerability management processes:

  • Automates incident response
  • Integrates the organization’s IT and security systems
  • Accelerates vulnerability management
  • Eases collaboration across the organization
  • Simplifies human decision making

Deployment Services

InsightOne deployment services are tailored to quickly and expertly operationalize implementations. By focusing on outcomes and aligning to product integrations, configurations, process automations, and reporting workflows, Rapid7 experts work directly with your team to quickly deploy and enable the InsightOne products.

*Licensing of InsightOne is by number of assets and requires a minimum of 500 assets and provides for unlimited automation workflows and 50 applications.

InsightOne Solution Brief

Accelerate Your Vulnerability Management, Application Security, and Incident Detection & Response