Building Blocks

How does automation and orchestration work?

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Connect Your Tools to Improve Collaboration

Connect your IT and security systems using our library of 300+ plugins. With InsightConnect provided integrations, formerly siloed security and IT teams will be able to use their everyday tools while collaborating more efficiently on incident response and vulnerability management.

Import, Build, and Deploy Automated Workflows

Security tools traditionally don’t work well together without a lot of custom scripting.  With InsightConnect, you can streamline security operations with import-connect-and-go workflows; no coding needed. You can also create completely custom workflows to meet your team's specific security automation needs.

Accelerate Decision Making

Automate manual, repetitive security processes without giving up security analyst engagement and control. Add human decision points to automation workflows, and empower your team to provide expert insight when responding to security incidents. With repetitive tasks and common alerts addressed by automation, security personnel are freed to focus on the strategic work only they can do.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Alert fatigue is real. Manage alerts more efficiently by automating the responses to the most common and repetitive ones. The result? Many security incidents can be automated away and those remaining handled more efficiently with automated context enrichment.