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Nexpose product brief

InsightVM Product Brief: Act at the Moment of Impact

It’s a race: You against the vulnerabilities living in your network. And this race happens in real-time, not just during a scanning window. Vulnerabilities pop up every day in various forms, so you need constant intelligence to discover them, locate them, prioritize them for your business, act at the moment of impact, and confirm your exposure has been reduced.

With InsightVM, you can feel confident each day that you have helped to protect your organization, customers, and co-workers.

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InsightVM, InsightIDR Solution Brief

Solution Brief: InsightIDR and InsightVM Integrate for Total User and Asset Security Visibility

Rapid7’s incident detection and response and vulnerability management solutions, InsightIDR and InsightVM, integrate to provide visibility and security detection across assets and the users behind them. 

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Rapid7 Insight Agent Technology Brief

Technology Brief: Get Immediate Answers, Anywhere with the Insight Agent

Since the first antivirus software was introduced to businesses in the early ‘90s, IT ops and security teams have greeted software agents with mutual… disdain. Too hard to manage. No endpoint visibility. Systems slowdown. Not exactly four-star feedback. Keeping common complaints in mind, we developed the Rapid7 Insight Agent, a solution intended to serve customers’ needs where other data collection methods fall short. 

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Rapid7 Vulnerability Management Buyer's Guide

Vulnerability Management Buyer's Guide

Exploiting weaknesses in browsers, operating systems and other third-party software to infect end user systems is a common initial step for security attacks and breaches. Finding and fixing these vulnerabilities before the attackers can take advantage of them is a proactive defensive measure that is an essential part of any security program. This buyer's guide, with an easy-to-use checklist, to help you determine your requirements for selecting an effective vulnerability management solution for your organization.

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Rapid7 Quick Guide: Critical Vulnerabilities with Rapid7 InsightVM or Nexpose

Quick Guide: Discovering, Assessing, and Remediating Critical Vulnerabilities with Rapid7 InsightVM or Nexpose

In recent years, vulnerabilities like Heartbleed and attacks like WannaCry have made international headlines, thrusting vulnerability management into the public spotlight. In this guide, we cover how InsightVM and Nexpose can launch focused scans, report on affected assets, and streamline communication and remediation when dealing with new critical “named” vulnerabilities.

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Rapid7 ESB Customer Story

Rapid7 InsightVM and InsightIDR Integrate to Drive 60% Time Savings and Ease Compliance for Energie Suedbayern

Germany's energy sector is a sizable target for hackers. This energy provider needed to maintain compliance and have visibility into its complex environment (including 2,000 IP addresses).

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