Remediation and Takedown Services

Automated remediation services to help you take down threats, fast

As organizations continue to evolve, adopt new technologies, and grow their digital footprint, your attack surface grows, and staying ahead of threats becomes more challenging than ever. You need to proactively extend eternal monitoring and enforcement to take down campaigns before they cause real damage.

Threat Command’s in-house Remediation Services can help you:

Accelerate Threat Removal
Our dedicated team of takedown experts will gather prerequisites, accelerate requests, and streamline workflows with your legal team so malicious web content is taken down as quickly as possible.

Continuously Identify Leaked Code
We continuously monitor a wide variety of code repositories and file sharing sites to identify exploits, sensitive data, or leaked credentials, and let our customers initiate removal requests.

Leverage the Broadest Protection Coverage
Threat Command offers the widest variety of coverage, including social media, app stores, domain registrars, paste sites, web hosting providers, and more. We continue to develop new partnerships with registrars, app stores, and social media sites based on new attack vectors and hacker trends, so your organization is protected from emerging threats.

Threat Command remediation and takedown services include the following coverage areas:

  • Fraudulent social media pages impersonating a customer
  • Fake and/or suspicious mobile applications posing as a legitimate customer application
  • Pastes that contain sensitive data and/or any attack intention
  • Domains that were involved in phishing campaigns against our customers or their customers
  • Phishing websites posing as a customer
  • Files or any malicious items involved in phishing or malware attacks against a customer
  • Google search results leading to phishing websites and fraudulent activities
  • Unauthorized use of company trademarks (Advanced Remediation Service)

When a customer requests remediation service for any of the covered areas, our team contacts the website owner or domain registrar in order to have the malicious item removed or suspended. We monitor the process and intervene as needed on behalf of your organization. We aim to remove the burden of takedown management, enabling organizations to easily take swift action to proactively minimize their digital risk.

Remediation and Takedown Services

Our remediation services are designed to expedite take down of malicious web content targeting your business.