Securing Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure

You can’t establish trust without visibility into your AWS environment

Your Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure cannot go unmonitored.

As we’ve learned through our own AWS efforts, the modern DevOps process needs to include the InfoSec team, whether you are hosting internal or external infrastructure. Just as each endpoint and networking device is scanned for risk and monitored for compromise, the same must be done for your cloud infrastructure. To help we have a pre-authorized AMI for Nexpose which will allow you to easily deploy and scan your AWS hosted assets. From debug logging to detecting privilege misuse to verifying vulnerability scans of assets hosted in AWS, your teams need the ability to answer the same questions you can on your physical network.

Managing point solutions for each AWS use case is unsustainable

Amazon offers numerous tools for monitoring and scanning your AWS instances. However, they are AWS-specific and don’t include other technologies and workflows vital for a comprehensive vulnerability management process. These drawbacks are similar to the logging of the past; on their own, they merely grow the list of portals you must access. The development team needs to check the logs on the application you just pushed to production? Count one portal for AWS and separate views for applications hosted on your local servers. The security team needs to view scan results after a recent update to your base image? Tack on a separate portal for AWS used by on-premise systems. Point is, AWS is too integral to your business to continue like this.

Rapid7 solutions are designed for modern enterprises. InsightVM, InsightOps, InsightAppSec, and InsightIDR combine the findings from your hybrid environments into a single view. Like you, we rely heavily on AWS for our business, and our DevOps, IT, and InfoSec teams all consider this infrastructure too significant to the overall business to exclude from the insight our solutions provide.

The Technology: Rapid7 solutions monitor your AWS infrastructure—live

Rapid7 fulfills your need for technology that spans your environments. Different users in your organization can check status, monitor logs, and get alerted to unwanted activity across application security, DevOps & IT operations, vulnerability management, and incident detection & response.

The People: Work with people who understand, with Rapid7 Managed Services

Understaffed or under-equipped to properly protect your cloud environment? Rapid7 will monitor for the vulnerability of your applications and the nodes doing the work within the environment, as well as if they’ve been compromised. Unlike other managed services providers, our team will correlate the legacy and modern parts of your environment to prioritize and customize for your business.

The Process: Ensure your security strategy encompasses AWS with Rapid7 Advisory Services

Every organization can benefit from a second set of expert eyes on where its security strategy currently stands and what is most important in the coming years. Rapid7 Security Advisory Services will work with you to provide either an assessment of your current state or feedback on your long-term plan, or both. AWS infrastructure is a significant part of any comprehensive security strategy, and is considered across our services.


InsightOps automatically combines live log and asset data from across your infrastructure into one central and searchable location for a new approach to monitoring and troubleshooting.


Unify SIEM, UBA, and EDR, detect attacks earlier, and prioritize your search. InsightIDR arms you with the insight to make faster, better decisions across the incident detection and response lifecycle.

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