Scan and Secure Your Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure

Today’s modern network and application infrastructure, powered by AWS, has altered the way you look at vulnerability management, application security, breach detection, and IT troubleshooting. Are your current strategies for monitoring and scanning your AWS infrastructure keeping pace?

The Rapid7 Insight cloud was built to collect, analyze, and optimize modern networks, from AWS-powered computing, networking, storage, and more. Using purpose-built solutions, pre-authorized AMIs, and direct AWS integrations, Rapid7 Insight helps you protect and monitor all of your cloud-hosted assets quickly, easily, and cost effectively.

Our solutions are specially designed to monitor and scan your AWS environment for vulnerabilities, bottlenecks, insecure apps, and malicious behavior. InsightVMInsightOpsInsightAppSec, and InsightIDR combine the findings from your hybrid environments into a single view. Like you, we rely heavily on AWS for our business, and our DevOps, IT, and InfoSec teams all consider this infrastructure too significant to the overall business to exclude from the insight our solutions provide.

Integration Brief: InsightIDR and Amazon GuardDuty

Integrating InsightIDR and Amazon GuardDuty gives you unparalleled visibility into your AWS environment.

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Scan for Vulnerabilities

As a pre-authorized Amazon Machine Image (AMI), InsightVM lets you deploy in AWS and scan your AWS-hosted assets for vulnerabilities. Available in the AWS Marketplace, InsightVM can automatically identify and scan existing and new AWS assets, import your AWS tags, and guide remediation.

Secure Your Applications

With InsightAppSec, you can automate application security testing within your DevOps process. By using the integrations with InsightAppSec and software automation technologies on the Amazon platform, you can push code into production more securely and faster than ever before.

Monitor for Breaches

Monitor and investigate your cloud environment with data from AWS CloudTrail and Amazon GuardDuty. InsightIDR, an AWS advanced technology partner, centralizes your AWS data and applies both user behavior analytics and patented detections to find malicious behavior across your network, endpoints, and cloud.

What’s more? Imbed the Rapid7 Insight Agent into AWS gold images for live monitoring in InsightVM and InsightIDR.

Optimize IT Troubleshooting

As an AWS advanced technology partner, InsightOps offers rich support for AWS by integrating with CloudTrail and CloudWatch, allowing you to connect to all your systems via an open API. With InsightOps, you can easily correlate CloudTrail, CloudWatch, and your application logs to better diagnose and troubleshoot issues.

Extend Your Team

Understaffed or under-equipped to properly protect your cloud environment? Rapid7 Managed Services will monitor for the vulnerability of your applications and the nodes doing the work within the environment, as well as if they’ve been compromised. Unlike other managed services providers, our team will correlate the legacy and modern parts of your environment to prioritize and customize for your business.

Strengthen Your Strategy

Every organization can benefit from a second set of expert eyes on where its security strategy currently stands and what is most important in the coming years. Rapid7 Advisory Services will work with you to provide either an assessment of your current state or feedback on your long-term plan, or both. AWS infrastructure is a significant part of any comprehensive security strategy, and is considered across our services.

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