User Monitoring with User Behavior Analytics

Leverage data to identify stealthy attacker behavior

Remember the days of playing hide and go seek with your friends? Any crevice or closet would do, as long as you were completely obscured from the seeker’s vision. Fast forward to today, where cyber attackers can hide in plain sight when organizations aren’t prepared to find them. Research indicates that attackers stay undetected a median of 99 days—that’s more than three months where they can move around your network and potentially steal sensitive data.

Luckily, technology is getting smarter, giving attackers nowhere to hide. User behavior analytics (UBA) and user monitoring play a key role in this. By first building a baseline of normal user behavior across the network, and then matching new actions against a combination of machine learning and statistical algorithms, UBA exposes threats without relying on prior identification in the wild. Investing in user monitoring as a facet of your security program helps you detect the top attack vectors behind breaches today.

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Rapid7's InsightIDR combines the capabilities of SIEM, EDR, and UBA to provide the context you need to relentlessly hunt threats.

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Collecting data is good; knowing how to analyze it is better

For a complete picture of user behavior, you need visibility both on and off the corporate network. Traveling employees, remote workers, and cloud services are under your purview, meaning that your user behavior analytics needs to cover that, too. This can include analyzing endpoint authentications and behavior and matching it against user activity from Office 365 or Google Apps. If you’re only collecting logs from headquarters or critical assets, you’ll have glaring blind spots and fewer opportunities to identify an ongoing attack.

Rapid7 leverages UBA and incident response for superior user monitoring

We took our leading user behavior analytics capabilities and went a step further by incorporating them into InsightIDR, or as we like to think of it, “the SIEM you’ve always wanted.” InsightIDR integrates with your existing network and security stack to help you comprehensively unify your data, identify attacks other tools miss, and prioritize risk across your environment. Once data flows into InsightIDR, it will automatically baseline the nuanced relationships between users and assets on your network. No more alerts without useful context; by showing you a user’s actions across the network, endpoint, and even cloud services—in a single visual timeline—you’re ready for better, faster decisions.

I don’t have a team available to set things up and monitor it all day. I need the analytics to bring to light what’s important and what’s not.
Chad Kliewer, ISO, Pioneer Telephone

Let our army of cyber guardians watch over your network 24/7/365

Interested in our advanced analytics, but also want an extra set of eyes (and hands) securing your network? Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service is an extension of your security team and combines InsightIDR with real-time threat intelligence and world-class analysts to monitor your network 24/7/365. Our team proactively hunts for known and unknown threats—even our most junior analysts have responded to hundreds of escalated incidents. This isn’t your traditional MSSP. If a threat is discovered, our team shifts to incident response and will guide your remediation efforts. The result: Rapid7’s team of cyber guardians augmenting your people, process, and technology, from detection to response.

Be alerted to suspicious activity as soon as it happens.