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    Rapid7 Voice

    Rapid7 Voice gives you the power to influence and learn first-hand about Rapid7 innovation with visibility into our product roadmap.

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    Product Learning Videos

    Access our Knowledge Nuggets and educational videos on the Rapid7 Community for quick lessons and tips for using your product(s).

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    Submitting a Support Case

    When submitting a case, you will be asked for the Severity Level. The Support Engineer will evaluate the case with you and together you may determine to change the severity of the case based on the business impact. The following definitions are used to ensure your case’s integrity:

    Support Policies, Roles & Case Response Times

    Rapid7 Customer Support services provide rapid resolution of issues. We include telephone and email support, 24 hour vulnerability service level agreement, 24 hour incident response time, and a reliable testing guarantee.

    • Products auto-update to ensure you are running the latest versions in your environment.
    • Testing guarantee to treat false positives like bugs and quickly fix issues when they arise.
    • 24-hour Vulnerability SLA for Nexpose to provide the most current vulnerability definitions.
    • Comprehensive Vulnerability Database with more than 96,500  vulnerability checks for over 34,000 vulnerability definitions.
    • Largest public database of quality-assured exploits and payloads, making your penetration tests both realistic and safe to simulate attacks on your infrastructure.