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IBM WebSphere Application Server: CVE-2011-1362: IBM WebSphere Application Server Installation Verification Tool servlet (IVT) cross-site scripting

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FreeBSD: VID-870D59B0-C6C4-11EA-8015-E09467587C17 (CVE-2020-6528): chromium -- multiple vulnerabilities



Details for this vulnerability have not been published by NIST at this point. Descriptions from software vendor advisories for this issue are provided below.

From VID-870D59B0-C6C4-11EA-8015-E09467587C17:

Chrome Releases reports:

This update contains 38 security fixes, including:

[1103195] Critical CVE-2020-6510: Heap buffer overflow in

background fetch. Reported by Leecraso and Guang Gong of 360

Alpha Lab working with 360 BugCloud on 2020-07-08

[1074317] High CVE-2020-6511: Side-channel information leakage

in content security policy. Reported by Mikhail Oblozhikhin on


[1084820] High CVE-2020-6512: Type Confusion in V8. Reported by

nocma, leogan, cheneyxu of WeChat Open Platform Security Team on


[1091404] High CVE-2020-6513: Heap buffer overflow in PDFium.

Reported by Aleksandar Nikolic of Cisco Talos on 2020-06-04

[1076703] High CVE-2020-6514: Inappropriate implementation in

WebRTC. Reported by Natalie Silvanovich of Google Project Zero on


[1082755] High CVE-2020-6515: Use after free in tab strip.

Reported by DDV_UA on 2020-05-14

[1092449] High CVE-2020-6516: Policy bypass in CORS. Reported by

Yongke Wang(@Rudykewang) and Aryb1n(@aryb1n) of Tencent Security

Xuanwu Lab on 2020-06-08

[1095560] High CVE-2020-6517: Heap buffer overflow in history.

Reported by ZeKai Wu (@hellowuzekai) of Tencent Security Xuanwu

Lab on 2020-06-16

[986051] Medium CVE-2020-6518: Use after free in developer

tools. Reported by David Erceg on 2019-07-20

[1064676] Medium CVE-2020-6519: Policy bypass in CSP. Reported

by Gal Weizman (@WeizmanGal) of PerimeterX on 2020-03-25

[1092274] Medium CVE-2020-6520: Heap buffer overflow in Skia.

Reported by Zhen Zhou of NSFOCUS Security Team on 2020-06-08

[1075734] Medium CVE-2020-6521: Side-channel information leakage

in autofill. Reported by Xu Lin (University of Illinois at

Chicago), Panagiotis Ilia (University of Illinois at Chicago),

Jason Polakis (University of Illinois at Chicago) on


[1052093] Medium CVE-2020-6522: Inappropriate implementation in

external protocol handlers. Reported by Eric Lawrence of Microsoft

on 2020-02-13

[1080481] Medium CVE-2020-6523: Out of bounds write in Skia.

Reported by Liu Wei and Wu Zekai of Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab on


[1081722] Medium CVE-2020-6524: Heap buffer overflow in

WebAudio. Reported by Sung Ta (@Mipu94) of SEFCOM Lab, Arizona

State University on 2020-05-12

[1091670] Medium CVE-2020-6525: Heap buffer overflow in Skia.

Reported by Zhen Zhou of NSFOCUS Security Team on 2020-06-05

[1074340] Low CVE-2020-6526: Inappropriate implementation in

iframe sandbox. Reported by Jonathan Kingston on 2020-04-24

[992698] Low CVE-2020-6527: Insufficient policy enforcement in

CSP. Reported by Zhong Zhaochen of andsecurity.cn on


[1063690] Low CVE-2020-6528: Incorrect security UI in basic

auth. Reported by Rayyan Bijoora on 2020-03-22

[978779] Low CVE-2020-6529: Inappropriate implementation in

WebRTC. Reported by kaustubhvats7 on 2019-06-26

[1016278] Low CVE-2020-6530: Out of bounds memory access in

developer tools. Reported by myvyang on 2019-10-21

[1042986] Low CVE-2020-6531: Side-channel information leakage in

scroll to text. Reported by Jun Kokatsu, Microsoft Browser

Vulnerability Research on 2020-01-17

[1069964] Low CVE-2020-6533: Type Confusion in V8. Reported by

Avihay Cohen @ SeraphicAlgorithms on 2020-04-11

[1072412] Low CVE-2020-6534: Heap buffer overflow in WebRTC.

Reported by Anonymous on 2020-04-20

[1073409] Low CVE-2020-6535: Insufficient data validation in

WebUI. Reported by Jun Kokatsu, Microsoft Browser Vulnerability

Research on 2020-04-22

[1080934] Low CVE-2020-6536: Incorrect security UI in PWAs.

Reported by Zhiyang Zeng of Tencent security platform department

on 2020-05-09


  • freebsd-upgrade-package-chromium

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