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Microsoft CVE-2019-1054: Microsoft Edge Security Feature Bypass Vulnerability

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Microsoft CVE-2019-1054: Microsoft Edge Security Feature Bypass Vulnerability



A security feature bypass vulnerability exists in Edge that allows for bypassing Mark of the Web Tagging (MOTW). Failing to set the MOTW means that a large number of Microsoft security technologies are bypassed. In a web-based attack scenario, an attacker could host a malicious website that is designed to exploit the security feature bypass. Alternatively, in an email or instant message attack scenario, the attacker could send the targeted user a specially crafted .url file that is designed to exploit the bypass. Additionally, compromised websites or websites that accept or host user-provided content could contain specially crafted content to exploit the security feature bypass. However, in all cases an attacker would have no way to force a user to view attacker-controlled content. Instead, an attacker would have to convince a user to take action. For example, an attacker could entice a user to either click a link that directs the user to the attacker's site or send a malicious attachment. The security update addresses the security feature bypass by correcting how Edge handles MOTW tagging.


  • msft-kb4503267-1ed66fe1-79ac-4316-ab77-6f14315a2aaf
  • msft-kb4503267-9d442aa2-8250-4bce-a4cb-d5c0f0e940c3
  • msft-kb4503267-c5eebe52-ca4d-435a-9122-9e6143e4e7fa
  • msft-kb4503279-1204481c-d6d9-4c85-a4ce-3394d21dbb3a
  • msft-kb4503279-61eca38b-d713-45c7-83f9-a6f464c36d69
  • msft-kb4503284-294f4f95-b414-4c9f-b121-fb9eb6d57e4a
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  • msft-kb4503286-40e9fcd2-99a5-4cb8-8219-492e2687796d
  • msft-kb4503286-dc868304-9b1c-482e-829c-8015cac2e793
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  • msft-kb4503327-83c78a12-db5c-4f4d-ae53-c4db34e6f925

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