Managed Vulnerability Management

Service Overview

Rapid7 Managed Vulnerability Management (Managed VM) was designed to offload day-to-day operations to our vulnerability management experts and extend coverage across the attack surface so you can build a successful program. Managed VM provides tailored recommendations to manage, execute, and optimize remediation across your environment and lower your overall risk exposure. By pairing our team of vulnerability management experts with our industry-leading technology, InsightVM, you can develop a complete vulnerability management program to stay ahead of the latest attacker trends and proactively defend your perimeter.

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Our vulnerability management experts will manage, execute, and optimize processes across your environment, including scan operations, vulnerability validation, and gathering threat intelligence.


Utilizing the power of the Rapid7 Insight cloud, InsightVM is the industry-leading vulnerability management solution for your modern environment. With InsightVM, you can:

Gain Clarity Into Risk 

Better understand the risk in your modern environment so you can work in lockstep with technical teams.

Extend Security’s Influence 

Align traditionally siloed teams and drive impact with the shared view and common language of InsightVM.

See Shared Progress

Take a proactive approach to security with tracking and metrics that create accountability and recognize progress.


Our proven vulnerability management process—from discovery to program measurement—allows you to:

  • Identify and communicate the vulnerabilities in your environment, giving your business a more complete view of your attack surface
  • Prioritize risk based on our Real Risk score and knowledge of current attacker methods
  • Work in lockstep with the technical teams responsible for remediation
  • Track remediation progress and drive towards resolution
  • Show measurable progress aligned to your program goals
  • Articulate your strategy and success to executive teams