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RHSA-2015:0807: java-1.7.0-openjdk security update

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RHSA-2015:0807: java-1.7.0-openjdk security update



The java-1.7.0-openjdk packages provide the OpenJDK 7 Java RuntimeEnvironment and the OpenJDK 7 Java Software Development Kit.An off-by-one flaw, leading to a buffer overflow, was found in the fontparsing code in the 2D component in OpenJDK. A specially crafted font filecould possibly cause the Java Virtual Machine to execute arbitrary code,allowing an untrusted Java application or applet to bypass Java sandboxrestrictions. (CVE-2015-0469)A flaw was found in the way the Hotspot component in OpenJDK handledphantom references. An untrusted Java application or applet could use thisflaw to corrupt the Java Virtual Machine memory and, possibly, executearbitrary code, bypassing Java sandbox restrictions. (CVE-2015-0460)A flaw was found in the way the JSSE component in OpenJDK parsed X.509certificate options. A specially crafted certificate could cause JSSE toraise an exception, possibly causing an application using JSSE to exitunexpectedly. (CVE-2015-0488)A flaw was discovered in the Beans component in OpenJDK. An untrusted Javaapplication or applet could use this flaw to bypass certain Java sandboxrestrictions. (CVE-2015-0477)A directory traversal flaw was found in the way the jar tool extracted JARarchive files. A specially crafted JAR archive could cause jar to overwritearbitrary files writable by the user running jar when the archive wasextracted. (CVE-2005-1080, CVE-2015-0480)It was found that the RSA implementation in the JCE component in OpenJDKdid not follow recommended practices for implementing RSA signatures.(CVE-2015-0478)The CVE-2015-0478 issue was discovered by Florian Weimer of Red HatProduct Security.All users of java-1.7.0-openjdk are advised to upgrade to these updatedpackages, which resolve these issues. All running instances of OpenJDK Javamust be restarted for the update to take effect.


  • redhat-upgrade-java-1-7-0-openjdk
  • redhat-upgrade-java-1-7-0-openjdk-debuginfo
  • redhat-upgrade-java-1-7-0-openjdk-demo
  • redhat-upgrade-java-1-7-0-openjdk-devel
  • redhat-upgrade-java-1-7-0-openjdk-javadoc
  • redhat-upgrade-java-1-7-0-openjdk-src

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