Rapid7 Threat Report

Using threat intelligence and data science to shed light on your unique threat landscape

The “threat landscape” is a moving, shifting form that will look different to different organizations—it all depends on where you are standing. Some people may be staring at a wide open grassland where the landscape is understood and the threats are easy to identify (though no less deadly), and others may be facing a dense jungle of hidden threats. While it's possible to develop a universal threat landscape that may be useful for general security research and developing high-level incident response frameworks, it is more useful for defenders to have a solid understanding of their own unique threat landscape.

The Rapid7 Threat Report leverages intelligence from Rapid7’s Insight Platform, Rapid7 Managed Services, Rapid7 Incident Response engagements, and the Metasploit community to put this shifting landscape into perspective. It gives you a clear picture of the threats that you face within your unique industry, and how those threats change throughout the year. 

Download the first quarterly Rapid7 Threat Report to see the breakdown of the 2017 Q1 threat landscape, note the key learnings, and start building your unique defense strategy. 

Register for the webcast, to hear directly from the researchers and take a closer look at the findings. 

Read the press release to learn more about Rapid7's dedication to collaboration and information sharing among the cybersecurity community. 

3-Minute Overview

In this Whiteboard Wednesday, Bob Rudis gives a 3-minute overview of the first Threat Report.

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Across the board, attackers still rely on user interaction to carry out their attacks.

– Rapid7 Threat Report 2017 Q1

When a new vulnerability that is relatively easy for an attacker to exploit is identified, we may have days—not months—before systems are being compromised in a massive and often untargeted manner.

– Rapid7 Threat Report 2017 Q1

We saw a lower number of alerts that required a human analyst in 2017Q1 than we have traditionally expected.

– Rapid7 Threat Report 2017 Q1

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