Last updated at Tue, 16 Jan 2024 16:10:01 GMT

The Metasploit Project is proud to announce the release of the Metasploit Framework version 3.4.1.  As always, you can get it from our downloads page, for Windows or Linux.  This release sees the first official non-Windows Meterpreter payload, in PHP as discussed last month.  Rest assured that more is in store for Meterpreter on other platforms.  A new extension called Railgun is now integrated into Meterpreter courtesy of Patrick HVE, giving you scriptable access to Windows APIs and an unprecedented amount of control over post-exploitation.  For those of you wishing to contribute to the framework, a new file called HACKING has been introduced that lays out a few guidelines for making it easier.

This release has 16 new exploits, 22 new auxiliary modules and 11 new Meterpreter scripts for your pwning enjoyment.