Last updated at Wed, 26 Jul 2017 14:05:21 GMT

We got a ton of requests to let you know when the new Dual Core Metasploit track "msf mastering success & failure" would be available for download. Dual Core had given the track a debut at the Rapid7 Skye High party at Ruby Skye in San Francisco as part of the RSA Conference (view the live performance)

I'm exited to let you know that we've now received the final copy. Even better: Dual Core has made the song available free of charge - woot! Big thanks on behalf of the community!

Here is the free song download in three different formats:

We all appreciate getting things for free - but it's also important to give back. If you like
the track, I encourage you to visit Dual Core's website to check out his other albums and swag.