Last updated at Wed, 26 Jul 2017 14:27:21 GMT

The title of my post today may lead you to think we're promoting yet another of our famous parties. I'm sure it won't be long until that's the case (particularly with the likes of BlackHat and B-Sides just around the corner), but for today my focus is firmly on this blog. I wanted to take a couple of minutes to introduce a new series of posts from Jen Benson on Rapid7's customer engagement. Jen is titling this series Cocktails with Customers and if any of our customers are in the LA area near her, I'm sure she'd beonly too happy to make this a reality!

Apart from being an avid cocktail-drinker, Jen also heads up Rapid7's Client Services and Operations department, which means she's the one taking care of our customers and trying to ensure they are kept happy. To this end, Jen brings her bags of experience to lead the technical support services, account management, and operations teams. She is hoping to provide some insight into this process through her regular blogposts and will also be really keen to hear from our customers about their experiences with Rapid7.

In fact, in general Jen would much rather talk about or hear about what's affecting others, rather than talk about herself. She's a true team player and I hope you'll see how passionate she is about creating a positive customer experience through her posts.  Jen's also a self-confessed band-geek, and particularly a fan of drum and bugle corps such as the Concord Blue Devils. She hates oreos and loves running, which is very hard for me to relate to, but I like her anyway!

We hope you'll enjoy her posts!