Last updated at Fri, 15 Dec 2023 17:23:24 GMT

Today we unveiled a new logo, website and brand identity for Rapid7.  We didn't make a subtle change, as many companies do.  We purposefully made sweeping changes because we don't like to do anything half way. Yet our new brand bridges our history and our future.

Our company was founded upon a simple premise: IT security is a complex challenge, but the solutions designed to address it shouldn't be. We believed then, and we believe now, that IT security solutions should make your work easier, more efficient and effective. We believe it's our responsibility to consistently innovate, to stay on top of technology trends, to monitor the relevant threats to your security, and to freely share our knowledge.  That's why we offer free, community editions and trials of our products, support the open source community, and share our research. We believe it's important to be bold, to ask the tough questions, and to push our industry forward. You see this in the vulnerabilities we uncover such as the video conferencing H.323 vulnerability and the Internet Explorer zero day, as well as the research we do in conjunction with other researchers, such as the FinFisher analysis.

We've grown tremendously since our inception – not just in terms of revenue, employees, and the number of products we offer, but in maturity and our approach to our customers and the community.   Always known for our energy, passion and fun (just check out a few of our party or recruiting videos), we are also driven, principled and committed to deliver relevant insights and make it easy for our customers to prioritize, remediate and manage risk. We are focused on providing an exceptional customer experience and helping our customers win. And while we will continue to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo, we are always responsible, accessible and engaged in security and local communities.

Our brand is about innovation, forward momentum, simplicity, accessibility, relevance, and drive with a touch of audacity. Our new website is designed to make it easier to access our thought leadership, research and resources. We want you to quickly see how we can help you in your mission to improve your IT security and resource utilization. Our new logo was designed to be bold and to evoke these ideas of simplicity, growth, energy, and forward motion.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether we hit the mark. Please feel free to post your comments here or contact me directly at Carol [underscore] Meyers [at] rapid7 [dot] com.