Last updated at Wed, 07 Feb 2024 19:43:35 GMT

You may recall that back in May, we announced a Metasploit design contest to commemorate 10 years of Metasploit -- and now, it's time to announce the (many) winners! Once again, the open source security community has blown me away with your creativity, dedication, and subversive humor. We had a total of 118 designs (most of which did not suck!) from 55 designers. Not bad for a nearly completely hashtag-driven contest! In fact, we ended up with not just one final winning design, but four -- we ended up picking out three designs for t-shirts as well. In addition, we'll be incorporating DisK0nn3cT's "10 years of elegant pwnage" tag line, which will be on the backs of the final T-shirts.

Hexified Shield

Recalling our shellcode Metasploit T-shirt of a couple years ago, Wigle provided the Metasploit Shield logo in bytecode. And yes, the bytecode is meaningful, although this T-shirt cannot be run in DOS mode.

Fanged Metasploit Wordcloud

Metasploit is offensive security software, after all, so sharp edges are to be expected. Thanks to weaknetlabs for this design with big, pointy teeth.

All Hail the Hypnohacker

While this T-shirt only works on the weak-minded, Rezeusor's design might get you out of a jam on your next pen-test engagement (just be sure to wear a button-down over it for appropriate camouflage).

Metasploit Shattered

And finally, the winning decal is from Lades. I like to think of it as representative of the Broken Windows Theory from criminology and sociology, but however you take it, it's pretty brilliant, and should work equally well on both light and dark laptop finishes, as well as over some other decal or logo. I'm certain to slap one of these on my car.

I Can Haz?

We'll have these all on hand at the Rapid7 BlackHat booth (Booth #517), so be sure to swing by and pick up one of your favorites. Since pretty much the entire Metasploit Framework and Metasploit Pro teams will be in town, feel free to stop by, score some swag, and let us know what you're doing to help promote open source security development.